Bed & Breakfast in the Main House

Enjoy a closer view and the experience of a traditional 1880s Southern Ostrobothnian farmhouse and its surrounding grounds. Upstairs in the main building, two bedrooms have been prepared as guest accommodations (3-person and 2-person) with a shower and a WC. Breakfast is served in the main room or “tupa” of the house.

Mäki-Laurila is a National Board of Antiquities’ site listed in ”Teuva’s enclosed-yard traditional farmhouses” ( The Mäki-Laurila traditional farmhouse with its surrounding farmyard grounds has been awarded the Southern Ostrobothnian Building Tradition Award and the Shield of Recognition of the Foundation for Finnish Peasant Culture.

You can read more about Mäki-Laurila’s Main House on site Teuva täynnä tarinoita under title Huolella vaalittu pohjalaismiljöö (A well-preserved Ostrobothnian farmyard).

Two-person room accommodations.
Three-person room accommodations.
Guest WC and shower facilities.